Indie Author Day October 19, 2019

Local Author Joyce Krieg gave a talk about the research and writing of Pacific Grove at Your Feet, Walks, Hikes & Rambles in Butterfly Town, USA. Release January 2020.

Indie Author Day October 13, 2018

Indie Author Day is an international event for libraries and organizations around the world to welcome local indie authors, writers and their communities in for a day of education, networking, mingling, writing, panels and more. This is the third year for this event, which originated with the American Library Association.FREE AND OPEN TO THE PUBLIC

We are very pleased this year to be hosted by the Pacific Grove Public Library. Thank you, Scott, Diana, and Audrey for your cheerful and skillful assistance. Due to library renovation, Indie Author events also take place at the PG. Museum, Centrella Inn, and the Little House in Jewell Park. There are many events planned for our first Indie Author Day in Pacific Grove.

What a wonderful landscape for writers and CCW that Nancy and Russell have designed and prepared for AUTHORS to display, sign and sell THEIR books on the Library veranda.

There’s more in store … CLICK FOR THE Indie Author Day Program with happenings in the P.G. Museum of Natural History, 1:00 to 5:00 — plus details about a screenwriting talk at the Little House in Jewell Park, 3:30 to 4:30 —and tea and biscuits with member Heather Lazare, publishing consultant, at Centrella Inn, on Central Ave one block west, 1:30 to 3:00.

All talks are designed to perfect the craft of writing—especially about “Place” or “Setting”.

—And for pure enjoyment and entertainment in the Museum back garden, City Falconer David will be there with one of his raptors – either a falcon or a hawk – PLUS illustrator and Southern Pacific Engineer Keith Larson, with three model trains running simultaneously on three tracks (weather permitting).

—Hippies reunite in the garden with their photographer and chronicler, John McCleary, The Hippie Dictionary, from the early days of Tillie Gort’s, and jazz bard Bill Minor, selling a reprint of his Pacific Grove 1974.

Brad and Luke Herzog will be there; Randy Reinstedt with his Ghost Town Publications, and CCW member David Rasch will speak about “Overcoming Writing Obstacles.”

Life in Pacific Grove Book 2 will be on special sale (Buy Book#2 and get Book#1 FREE) along with 3 other Pacific Grove Books. All 4 books are for sale on the Library veranda as well. LIPG#2 photographer Peter Mounteer will be available at the Library table from 11-12 to sign books. (A portion of the proceeds from all Pacific Grove Books is donated to the Friends of the PG Library for historical document preservation.)

—CWC President Joyce Krieg and writer Jeffrey Whitmore will be in the Museum classroom to discuss their editor/writer collaboration on his book, A Quaint Town for a Killing, set in P.G.

There’s also a Free Raffle for books, t-shirts, and cookies displayed on tables at the Library and the Museum — so get your entry in the red jar—drawing on Grand Ave at 5:30pm, during the Meet-and-Greet party that Nancy and Russell have planned for all of us.
At 4:45 Dr. Ed Jarvis, in kilt and with bagpipes, will pipe us all back to Jewell Park for the grand party Nancy and Russell have planned.

Viola! Pacific Grove, California: A Peaceful Place for Writers on the Tip of the Monterey Peninsula. Especially once a year on Indie Author Day. See attached program for all details.