I intend to provide my grandchildren, Grace and Zack, with DNA information that grounds them in their place in history and supports them throughout their lives. As cultural anthropologists, Alexis and Siamak will help me make this possible. — Patricia Hamilton

Drs. Alexis Bunten and Siamak Naficy will be taking a journey of self-discovery along with Patricia Hamilton. Over a series of installments, they are going to decode different aspects of Patricia’s DNA, and interpret this data using scientific and historical evidence to paint a vivid portrait of Patricia’s heritage. Each step of the way, they’ll engage in reflective dialogue with Patricia to reveal how her forebearers’ legacy might have impacted her choices and life experiences.

Alexis and Siamak will start by exploring Patricia’s deep ancestry, moving forward in time from her pre-historic ancestors to finding her family in the middle ages, through the early immigrants to this country, the pioneer generation, and up to the present.

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