2017 the Year of PG Writes! “Life in Pacific Grove”

2017 is the Year of the Rooster on the Chinese zodiac, but here at “Keepers of Our Culture,” we’re declaring 2017 to be the Year of the Story—namely, your story!

We invite you to share your story in “Life in Pacific Grove,” the 444-page book filled with stories by and for PG residents and visitors, to be published in the fall of 2017 – all proceeds to benefit the Friends of the Pacific Grove Public Library. This special opportunity to have your writing published in a book, at no charge to you, is open to all residents and visitors.


Don’t worry about misspelling or typos—we’ll make it all professional. Simply write a short story of 100 to 500 words around one of these topics:

  1. How you (or your ancestors) came to live in Pacific Grove.
  2. A person, group, place, or event that makes Pacific Grove special to you.
  3. A biographical statement about who you are, and your unique life experiences.


MORE Story Suggestions
What PG Means to Me
My Home is My Castle ­
Working at a Career or at Home
One Blissful Moment in the Grove
Where I Buy or Grow Food
Farmers Mkt, Favorite Recipes
Inventions, Volunteer, Retirement
How I Would Make PG Better
Family, Friends, Neighbors, Pets
Shopping: Retail, Resale, Barter
Passions, Talents/Skills, Hobbies
Visitors, Attractions, Parks, Beaches
Friends Gone, But Not Forgotten
Community Events, Clubs, Social Life
Aha! Moments That Shaped Me
Growing Older and Wiser

Fill-in-Form on site: LifeInPacificGrove.com
Email attachment: LifeinPacificGrove@gmail.com
Handwritten through the Post Ofc: P.O. Box 722 PG CA 93950

Life in Pacific Grove, An Intimate Visit to Butterfly Town USA——This 444-page, 7×10, softcover book will be available for sale at the Pacific Grove Public Library during “Chautauqua Days” October 6-8, 2017

Harnessing the Power of Stories to Bring Us Together

Stories have the power to build bridges of understanding between individuals and groups whose shared experiences may not be apparent initially, yet are part of a community’s common culture. Here in Pacific Grove, our stories range from the traditional return of the butterflies to the Feast of Lanterns to the tales traded by divers, surfers and other adventurers.

Each of you has a unique story to tell, an important contribution to make in “Life in Pacific Grove.” Each of you can be a “keeper of our PG culture.” Share details of one special aspect of your life in Pacific Grove. It could be memories from a PG of the past, a memorable meal at one of our restaurants, a favorite walk, a neighborhood tradition like block parties, shared experiences with friends, participation within a club, organization or church that has meaning to you, or a funny story about your pet. Write about your traits and habits, greatest challenges, best talents, wisdom gained by living here.

Creating a Snapshot in Time

We’re collecting stories from and about everyone—about folks dining in our restaurants, walking on the Rec Trail, gathering in our coffeehouses, browsing in our shops, taking their children to school—stories from all the people who are living in and visiting our special corner of the world.

Our goal is to create a snapshot in time, a comprehensive look at the rich sweep of life in Pacific Grove in 2017, a tapestry woven of the many threads that make up our community, open to all ages, ethnicities, sexual orientations and economic status.

This book is sure to be entertaining and educational, with snatches of dialogue and repartee—replete with neighborhood walking tours of Little Libraries, historical facts, photos, and “typically PG” illustrations by Keith Larson.

Stories and libraries go together, so it’s only natural that all proceeds from the sale of this special book will be donated to the library. If you need any additional incentive to write a story, consider that you’ll not only be contributing to our town’s legacy and heritage—as part of an important historical document that will live for generations—but that you’ll also be lending long term support for a beloved community institution.

2018 the Year of “America Writes! Life in Our United States”

The power of stories to impact our lives for good continually reveals itself everywhere. “Stories of America – Life in Our United States,” a how-to book about our story gathering journey here in Pacific Grove—and the benefits it brings—will be published in 2018 by Park Place Publications. This book will guide personal historians and storytellers throughout these United States to gather stories and produce similar books—and benefits—in their communities. “America Writes!” Bringing our country together—one story at a time—yours and mine and theirs!

Attend a Free Writing Class on February 16

To help you get started on writing your story, mark that brand-new 2017 calendar to attend the next FREE writing class February from 2:30 to 4:30 p.m. in the Little House in Jewell Park. GROUPS AND ORGANIZATIONS: Patricia Hamilton is available to give a presentation about “Life in the Grove” to your group, book club, service organization, friends and family, and also to lead a writing session to gather stories. Contact her at keepersofourculture@gmail.com to set up a date and time.


Free Story Writing Classes for Life in Pacific Grove

Sponsored by the Pacific Grove Public Library and Park Place Publications

Third Thursdays Each Month–Mar. 16, Apr. 20, May 18
2:30–4:30 p.m.
Little House in Jewell Park

Participants will write and share stories about their life in Pacific Grove, using the Guided Autobiography Method for Memoir. Nine different themes will be presented, a different one per class, throughout the course. “Life in Pacific Grove” will be published in the Fall 2017, and launched and for sale at the Pacific Grove Public Library during the October “Chatauqua Days” celebration.

All residents and visitors to Pacific Grove are invited to submit their stories to be included in this 444-page anthology by those who live or visit here about what Pacific Grove means to them. Several are submitting stories of ancestors or friends who should be remembered. Don’t miss out! You are here, and you count. Stories of life now, and life then are welcome.

All sales from “Life in Pacific Grove” will benefit the Friends of the Pacific Grove Public Library.

Facilitator, Patricia Hamilton • Classes are free and all materials are provided

Space is limited in the Little House in the Jewell Park. To insure your place, please come early!